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The first question you are going to ask is, WHAT IS THE COST?  Well all initial advice is FREE, your costs are reduced greatly in nearly all instances and out of your considerably lower repayments a fee is taken. Because of the way it works this is the CHEAPEST solution.

If you need help because you owe money and need some debt advice and there are many ways to do that. The recent recession has affected a lot of us and many of us will need some debt advice particularly if you already have a bad credit rating.

The first thing to do if you want to repair bad credit is to get some debt advice, ideally from a specialist.

BEST WAY TO USE THE SITE – If you hover over the tabs at the top of the page you should find something of interest, download FREE GUIDE. If you want any other help or advice it is FREE.  All solutions are paid for within the plan which will lower you payments considerably !


Debt Advice – Bad Credit Solutions

There are several ways to  tackle debt, some are more well known than others. These ways include a Token Offer, Debt Management Plans, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Debt Relief Orders and Bankruptcy.Bad credit

It follows that all debt solutions will have an effect on your credit rating.

It may seem odd but bad credit can sometimes be a help. In that a refusal of a loan is often one of  the first indicators that you need some debt advice.

Whilst you may not think you have a debt problem the financial community sees bad credit a an indicator.


Debt Advice – Debt Management Plan or IVA?

It is at this point that good debt advice can be crucial. A recent case study where a client 5 years ago had a debt of £57,000 and was making monthly payments of £400 regularly because they were advised to take out a debt management plan.

Had she taken out an IVA that debt would have been cleared, as it is they still have over half of that debt still outstanding.

There is no cost  for the consultation and fees for the solution coming from the plan. Ongoing costs are greatly reduced and you have the right to cancel with a cooling off period.

Whatever is suggested, it is done without any obligation, you choose always. So if you want to turn bad credit to improving credit get in touch !