Boroughs of Merthyr Tydfil

 Boroughs of Merthyr Tydfil Bedlinog

Boroughs of Merthyr Tydfil - BedlinogA small town with a population of about 1500 in the borough of Merthyr Tydfil. The name was derived from the welsh Bedd Llwynog) “Grave of the Fox” and it lies towards the top of the Taff Bargoed Valley.

Bedlinog has its roots in mining with the mine sunk in 1874 Bedlinog Colliery grew into a close-knit community.

Before the mine was sunk it was a hill farming community.

Triangular in shape, it has with three quite separate clusters of villages. Cwmfelin, near Salem Chapel, which was built in 1830, a mile away the Coli lies where miners mined coal by digging drifts into the hillside. At the top of the hill was Llwyn Crwn where the mine was built.


Boroughs of Merthyr Tydfil Cyfarthfa

 Cyfarthfa has a population of about 6000 it consists of Gellideg and Heolgerrig.

Cyfarthfa has strong historical ties to the industrial past of Merthyr Tydfil, and was the site of Cyfarthfa Ironworks this was dismantled in 1929 after being opened for a few years during the first world war to aid the war effort.


 Boroughs of Merthyr – Dowlais

 Dowlais is a small town in the county borough of Merthyr Tydfil.

It has a population of about 7000 people.

The name comes from the Welsh du meaning ‘black’ and glais meaning ‘stream’. The black stream perhaps being as a result of coal dust.

Dowlais and Merthyr Tydfil has a strong historic connection with ironworking; at one time the Dowlais Iron Company employed about 5,000 people, the works being the largest in the world.

 Laura Ashley, the fashion designer was brought up in Dowlais before starting her world-renowned fashion shops, making striking clothes and home making accessories.