Debt Management Plan (DMP)

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A Debt Management Plan (DMP) is an arrangement between you and those you owe money to.

It is an informal arrangement but shows your going to do something to sort out the problem

Debt Management Plans are for sums up to £2,000.

A Debt Management Plan arranged by us is a good first step to peace of mind, in many cases its all that’s needed. Properly set up it is nearly always accepted. Interest is usually frozen and monthly paymnets are always affordable.

Debt Management Plan

Debt Management Plan

If you think a DMP is a good debt solution to your situation GET IN TOUCH


Debt Management Plan -WHY THEY ARE GOOD

Gets the callers off your back

Gives you time to consider other debt solutions

Monthly outgoings are reduced

Simple and easy to set up


Debt Management Plan –¬†THEIR DISADVANTAGES

Interest on what you owe might not be frozen.

Repayments may go on for several years

Because its informal there is no legal protection

Creditors will look to periodic reviews.


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