Types of Debt


Merthyr Debt Advice - Types of debtThere are no end of ways that you can find yourself in debt. Today no-one should be smug about their financial situation as illness, loss, redundancy and preoccupation can all open the door to financial problems and lead us into all types of debt.

The active tools that can get you there include credit cards, bank debts, loans and payday loans, bank debts, mobile phones, telecommunication charges, catalogues, old bills, mortgages and of course bank overdrafts.

Once in debt, those you owe can de quite aggressive in their attempts to recover their money plus interest, which can sometimes be excessive.

What this means for you is worry, stress and anxiety that can lead to depressive illness.

The problem is it doesn’t stop there as it can spill over into family life and affect people around you.

The attitude to debt over the last 15 years has changed hugely and the Governments of our time recognise that and have put in place schemes to stop debt in its tracks and give us a chance to start again.


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